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Hi!  I’m Alli.  I’m 18 and currently attend school at FSU.  My goal is to inspire others to not let the fear of failure dictate their art.

     Throughout my entire life, art has always been my biggest passion.  When I was growing up, art was my escape.    I genuinely enjoyed doing art and had fun spending my past time on it.  But, that changed going into my 

junior year, when I took AP art.  I set way too high of expectations for myself and did not even want to create anything because I was so scared the outcome would not be flawless.  This caused me to have a very bad relationship with art and hate every hour I spent doing it.  Art became a chore.  I fell into an art block for basically the entire year and created nothing outside of class.  This year, I was not going to let that continue.  So, I started painting messy intentionally and not even thinking about how it would turn out.  In doing so, I found my own personal style and rekindled my love for art, which is what you see all over this website.  I want my work to inspire others to make art that they enjoy doing, and to not let the fear of failure dictate their art.  

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