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 clothing commissions 


I would love to make a custom outfit for you! I generally make rave/festival sets, but I am open to whatever you have in mind! If you would like a custom outfit, simply fill in the contact form below and send me your ideas for the outfit; such as vibes, patterns, colors, silhouettes, inspiration pics, the event you are attending, etc. I can work from any amount of ideas you give me! Then, I require a 50% nonrefundable down payment through the payment app of your choice (Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, or Zelle). After I receive that, I will begin looking for the fabric for your outfit. I make all of my clothing from second-hand materials generally found at thrift stores (they are washed after I buy them). I will then send you the materials I chose along with a sketch of what I plan to create for your approval, and if you approve I will then make it! This process generally takes 1-2 weeks, but if you want an outfit for a specific event make sure to tell me the date so I can be sure it will arrive on time. Once it is finished I will list it on my website at the remaining price (after the down payment) for you to purchase, a small shipping fee will also be added to the price.


Regular US shipping will add $5 to the final cost. I do ship internationally, but the shipping costs more. If you are international, let me know where from so I can give you a shipping cost estimate before starting the commission. If you need the outfit for a specific event and would like me to use expedited shipping for the item, then that will also be more expensive, but I can also give an estimate before you commit to the commission!


Thanks for submitting!


My general pricing is around $80 for an outfit, but it just depends on the sort of design you are looking for. I will communicate the price with you once I know what you are looking for!

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