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do you do commissions/custom paintings?
yes!  there is a page up on my website covering the process to get one, costs, +more!

what is the style of art you create called?
I use mixed medias in a style that could fall under a mix of Neo expressionism and pop art.

where do you get your inspiration?
I find inspiration in a lot of places.  my favorite artist of all time is basquiat. one of my other biggest inspirations is Tyler, the creator.  he does not paint but his unique creativity along with him constantly pushing the limits inspires me so much.  I also find inspiration in graffiti art, the music I listen to, and a lot of the other artists that I follow. 

do you ship internationally?
yes!  I ship everywhere (as long as there are no ongoing restrictions) but if you do live outside of the US expect a pretty pricey shipping cost.

what materials do you use?
I use acrylic paint.  I'm not really picky on the brand I just use whatever I can find laying around.  to stick the pictures on the canvas, I use acrylic matte medium.  I also use spray paint.  again, I'm not really picky on the brand.  the paint markers I use are from posca.

do you plan out your paintings before starting? 
most of the time I do a quick sketch to lay out composition.  if I already have the composition planned out strong enough in my mind though I will not.  I also usually plan out the color schemes first as well.
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